Object/Work Type
National Pavilions

Title Text
Pavilion of France

Alternate Title Text
Padiglione della Francia, Palais Principal, Salon d'honneur, Exposition Rétrospective

Creator Description
Stefano Molli

Creator Identity and Role
Molli, Stefano as Architects and Engineers;
Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine

Creation Date

Demolition Date

Styles/Periods Description
Turinese Baroque (revival)

Dimension Description
(pavilion) 13,990 square meters

Descriptive Note Text
The French Pavilion – built by Quadri and Colombo Co. – is on two floors. The main forward wing, placed at in the middle of the facade of the building is connected to the forward lateral wings by two colonnaded recessed wings. The central part of the building includes a large hall, covered by a daring dome, measuring – at the peak of its cusp – a height of 50 meters from the ground, while all the risalits are a good 14 meters high.The different galleries, which constitute the exhibition, begin in the main central hall.The main facade of the building is 193 meters long. Between it and the bank of the Po, flowerbeds, richly decorated with large vases with harmonious balustrades, give the place an atmosphere of poetic and sumptuous elegance. This is a welcoming meeting place for visitors, also for the panorama of the opposite bank of the Po that one enjoys from this spot.

Code in the 1911 Map
SIM 88 (9 French Map)

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