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Molli, Stefano


May 12, 1858 Borgomanero

April 26, 1916 Turin

Descriptive Note

After receiving a Catholic education in private schools led by Barnabite and Salesian brothers, Stefano Molli graduated with a degree in civil engineering from the Regia Scuola di Applicazioni per Ingegneri di Torino (today’s Politecnico) in 1882. He enriched his education further by enrolling in courses in drawing ("ornato e figura") at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin and spending time in Rome to study classical architecture. In 1883, he was hired by the architectural firm of Count Carlo Ceppi. He designed numerous public buildings, such as the Parish Church of Novaretto (1886), the Chiesa di Nostra Signora del Suffragio in Susa (1892), the Tipografia Marietti in Turin (1893), and the building for the Unione Tipografica Editrice Torinese (UTET) (1903). He also contributed to the design of the pavilions for the Exposition of Religious Art (Esposizione di Arte Sacra e delle Missioni) in Turin (1898). As the main architect for this Exposition, he framed the exposition's design around five groups (Holy Land; Ottoman Empire; Asia; Africa; and North and South America), each represented by an individual Pavilion intended to showcase the role of the Italian missionaries in that particular area. Molli restored the Castle of Barengo (Novara) in 1901, and served as the Vice President of the Societa' degli Ingegneri e degli Architetti di Torino in 1913-14. In addition to the Exposition of 1911, he partnered with architect Giacomo Salvadori di Wiesenhof to design the new building for the Politecnico di Torino.

Molli played a crucial role in the design of Turin 1911. Today his drawings are part of the Archivio Stefano Molli - Fondazione Marazza in Borgomanero (Novara, Italy). The Molli archive contains 588 architectural drawings for the buildings of Turin 1911.

Makers, Architects and Engineers;
Committees, Technical Committee

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