Object/Work Type
National Pavilions

Title Text
Pavilion of Germany

Alternate Title Text
Padiglione e galleria della Germania

Creator Identity and Role
Gustavo Modiano e Co.

Styles/Periods Description
Turinese Baroque (revival)

Dimension Description
(pavilion) 9000 square meters; (section) 40,000 square meters

Descriptive Note Text
From the portico that forms its facade, one has access to an atrium, which continues on to a principal hall and adjoining rooms. After this, one enters the first part of the galleries, comprised of four large rectangular rooms, two on each side of the central, square room. This room is covered by a large dome with the Imperial German Crown at the top. The dome is 42 meter high from the river banks and 47.5 meters from the elevated road that skirts the river. A majestic risalit three stories high corresponds to this grand central room. To the right and left of the risalit, two wings are derived, with pediments and cupolas corresponding to another two rectangular rooms on each side of the grand central room. Externally, in these wings, are two wide double staircases, which, from the floor below, lead to the main floor. From the main floor, one can go down to the lower floor via two interior staircases.

Code in the 1911 Map
SIM 87

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