Object/Work Type
National Pavilions

Title Text
Pavilion of Belgium

Alternate Title Text
Padiglione del Belgio

Creator Description
Stefano Molli designed it

Creator Identity and Role
Molli, Stefano as Architects and Engineers

Creation Date

Demolition Date

Styles/Periods Description
Turinese Baroque (revival)

Dimension Description
9,000 square meters

Descriptive Note Text
The Pavilion of Belgium was located on the right bank of the river Po, and it covered an area of about 9,000 square meters. It was designed by the three main architects of the Fair, Pietro Fenoglio, Stefano Molli, Giacomo Salvadori di Wiesenhof, and it followed the overall architectural style of the other pavilions: although this simililarity, the building dinsticted itself for its essential and classical forms. In fact, some traits of the building, such as the blind colonnade of the main façade and the porticos of the lateral wings, recalled both neoclassical style and elements of design found in Flemish architecture.

On the façade there are two porticoed lateral wings, with large glass windows and a taller, central one, enclosed by two lintels with a tympanum. On the sides there are to small pinnacles. In the middle, the Belgian coat of arms bears the motto of that industrious nation: Lunion fait la force. The exhibition is composed in its entirety of two big galleries, with exposed wooden beams; these two room access the other lower galleries through the three large archways, supported by columns. Between one arch and the other, above the columns, there are the ornamental busts and rich friezes in stucco and painting; in the big galleries, where the ceiling beams connect, there is a supporting mantle with a vase. On the front of the pavilion, whose style, without straying too much from the overall tone of the Fair, has nevertheless hints of Flemish architecture, there are big steps with gardens and squares. A series of artistic steps leads to the elevated road on the Po. (Managing contractor: Fornaroli).

Code in the 1911 Map
SIM 89

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