In February 1907, the General Committee was created under the Presidency of Senator Secondo Frola, who was the mayor of Turin at that time. Four former mayors were appointed to the committee: Senators Felice Rignon, Severino Casana, Alfonso Badini-Confalonieri, and Ernesto Balbo Bertone di Sanbuy.

The Executive Committee's honorary president was Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia - duca d'Aosta - and its president was Tommaso Villa. Vice-Presidents were Antonio Bianchi, Enrico Boyer, Delfino Orsi and Teofilo Rossi. 

The Committee's representation demonstrated the increasingly strong ties between the Piedmont aristocratic families, the new entrepreneurial classes (often initiated by branches of these very families) and the political leaders in the Turin and Piedmont area who exercised notable influence on both local and national politics.