The executive board designated the technical committee formed by Pietro Fenoglio, Stefano Molli, and Giacomo Salvadori di Wiesenhof to oversee the construction of the buildings in the Valentino Park (Touring Club Italiano, 1911). The three engineers were charged to design some of the structures (Arts applied to Industry, Music, Fashion, thematic structures, and restaurants) and to oversee compliance to regulations and style. They ended up with a general plan taking the Paris Fair as the model of expositive city planned on the riverbanks (Buscioni, 1990). Other architects and engineers all around the world were called to design other structures: engineers Chevalley and Morelli di Popolo were responsible for the Alpine Village, engineers Bariggia and Stefini for the Alpine Club Hotel, Calderini for the Post and Telegraph office, Orsino Bongi for the Pavilion of Tobacco and Latin America, Rolando Le Wacher (or Levacher) for the Pavilion of Argentina, Rigotti and Tamagno for the Siamese Pavilion, engineer Tanaseric for Serbia, Eugenio Ballatore di Rosana and Ludovico Gonella for the Stadium based on an idea of Mr. Compans di Brichanteau, and Moraes Rego and Jayme Figueroa for Brazil (De Luca, 1911a; Moriondo, 1981; Touring Club Italiano, 1911).