A World Fair Gone Digital: Launching the Turin 1911 Project

November 03, 2023

#VIDEO - The new website has been launched with a public presentation on October 27, 2023. Watch the video recording of the full presentation!

Ph.D Dissertation: Turin 1911 ‘La favolosa Esposizione’: From Knowledge to Dissemination Using Integrated Geomatics Methods

June 23, 2023

Ph.D dissertation by Alessandra Spreafico is focused on creating a 3D webGIS for the virtual 3D reconstruction and visualization of the no-longer-existing structures of the Turin 1911 Fair.

Turin 1911 Reborn in a 3D Platform Through the Power of Digital Technologies

June 20, 2023

# VIDEO - Turin 1911 partecipated in the CIPA2023 - Video Contest and obtained the third place

Turin 1911 Re-built: New Website Preview

November 22, 2022

#VIDEO - Watch the video preview of the new website!

M. Sc. Thesis: The Universal Exposition of Turin 1911: Photogrammetric Survey and 3D Modelling for Virtual Reality Application

December 06, 2020

#VIDEO - M. Sc. Thesis by Simone Scovazzo discusses how to make visible architectures of the past with Virtual Reality

Torino 1911 - Multisensor 3D acquisition and modelling of the Borgo Medievale

July 23, 2020

#VIDEO - Watch the video with acqusitions by aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, and mobile mapping systems of the Borgo Medievale

M. Sc. Thesis: 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality using multi-sensor UAVs

July 20, 2020

#VIDEO - M. Sc. Thesis by Davide Einaudi testes spherical panorama on drones for the survey of the Valentino Castle, charming building located in the core of the Turin 1911 fairground and today headquarter of the actual Department of Architecture and Design of Politecnico di Torino

Public Presentations - Using Science and Humanities to Step Back in Time

June 18, 2019

#VIDEO - Professors by Politecnico di Torino (Italy) have illustrated how Geomatics contributes to the Turin 1911 project, watch the video of the public presentation!

Using Science and Humanities to Step Back in Time

May 29, 2019

#VIDEO - The project evolves including partnerships with CHEI of UCSD and Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

UC San Diego - Turin 1911: The World’s Fair in Italy

February 13, 2018

#VIDEO - Researchers from the UC San Diego flew to Turin, Italy, to digitally map an entire portion of the city.