L' Esposizione di Torino: Giornale ufficiale illustrato dell'esposizione internazionale delle industrie e del lavoro 1911

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L' Esposizione di Torino: Giornale ufficiale illustrato dell'esposizione internazionale delle industrie e del lavoro 1911

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Stabilimento Tipografico Dott. Guido Momo

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576 pages + 24 annexes

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29.5x41 cm

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Italian (Language)

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L’Esposizione di Torino: giornale ufficiale illustrato dell’Esposizione Internazionale delle industrie e del lavoro 1911 is a magazine that came out on the 15th of January 1910 with the first issue and was published monthly till January 1911; then twice and later three times in a month for a total of 36 issues (they were composed of 16 pages plus 1 up to 10 pages of advertisements per each), the 37th issue was published in 1912. One or two annexes were attached to each issue, they were mainly double-pages prints of the most important expositive structures, but there is a score and a few works of art held in Turin. It is a remarkable source of information because it narrates the Fair, starting from the idea till the closing: official contests regulations are reported, photographic reports also describe construction works, and pavilions are illustrated reporting technical drawings of the designers. Several reporters wrote for the Giornale Ufficiale, among them there are Ernesto Ferrettini and Enrico Thovez. The magazine is printed on paper by Barone Ambrogio and Son paper company in the Newspaper Building at the Valentino Park and published by Guido Momo publishing company. The cover of each issue is different and is authored by Ceragioli. In the version of the Giornale Ufficiale here collected, the 37th issue published in 1912 and the following annexes are missing: Pages VIII-IX Panorama di Torino dal Monte dei Cappuccini (annessa al N. 1) Pages XII-XIII Il Palazzo della Francia all’Esposizione di Torino 1911 (annessa al N. 3) Pages XX-XXI Nello Stadium….. (annessa al N. 7) Pages XXVI-XXVII Il Palazzo delle Industrie Artistiche all'Esposizione di Torino 1911 (annessa al N. 10) Pages XXII-XXIII Il gran piazzale d'onore della Mostra degli Italiani all'Estero e delle Industrie Manifatturiere all'Esposizione di Torino 1911 (annessa al N. 13) Pages LVI-LVII Il Palazzo del Giornale all'Esposizione di Torino 1911 (annessa al N. 20) Pages LXVIII-LXIX Reale Basilica di Superga (annessa al N. 27)

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Cristina Della Coletta Private Collection (San Diego, Usa)

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