Object/Work Type
City and Province Pavilions

Title Text
Pavilion of the City of Paris

Alternate Title Text
Palazzo della Città di Parigi, Pavillon et jardins Ville de Paris

Creator Description
Architects Bouvard and Vincent under the supervision of the Mr. Dausset, president of the Municipality Board of Paris, and Mr. Pralon, general consul in Turin. Tapestries by Desnoy and Cheret, furniture by Manufactory of Beauvais, Manufactory of Sévres, and Cheret.

Creator Identity and Role
Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine

Creation Date

Demolition Date

Styles/Periods Indexing Terms
Baroque Revival

Material Color
White (Color)

Descriptive Note Text
Part of the French Section, the Pavilion of the City of Paris is especially interesting for its retrospective suggestions as it reproduces the architectonic features of the Versailles Palace. The Pavilion was built on the left side of the Monumental Bridge, right across from the Pavilion of France on the other side of the bridge. Mirroring each other at the very heart of the Exhibition, these pavilions emphasized the cultural and economic influence of France over Italy at this time.

Code in the 1911 Map
SIM 32 (8 French Map)

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