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Buzzi Reschini, Giacomo


1881 Viggiu

1962 Turin

Descriptive Note
Giacomo Buzzi Reschini was a Turinese sculptor. As student of Leonardo Bistolfi, he attended the Royal Albertine Academy of Turin, while he worked with the Milanese artists Butti and Pogliaghi. In Turin, he became well-known after participating in the two Exposition of Fine Arts in 1909 (with the famous portrait of a young girl titles "Stella Alpina") and 1911 (in this occasion he won the gold medal for sculpture). The Turin World's Fair Committee asked him to work on the decorative statues of the Pavilion of Music (specifically, on the entire frieze of the dome) and the Pavilion of Argentina (the majestic prancing horses and the two genies in the "pronao"). Others valuable works of him can be found in the Palazzo del Governatorato della Città del Vaticano and in the Collegio Boemo in Rome.

Artists (Visual Artists), Sculptors

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