Turin 1911: The World's Fair in Italy

Turin 1911: The World's Fair in Italy
is the first digital project devoted to the only universal exposition ever held in Italy. Though World's fairs were among the West's largest mass-attended events, they were also ephemeral occurrences designed to exhibit, rather than preserve, the changing world of modernity. Turin 1911 was no exception. Once the Fair was dismantled, its artifacts were scattered among institutional archives and private collectors, thus failing to be studied in a systematic manner.

Recent News

A collaborative group of researchers from the University of California San Diego traveled to Turin, Italy recently to digitally map an entire portion of the city - complete with expansive murals and stunning works of art.


World's Fairs Italian Style: The Great Expositions in Turin and their Narratives, 1860-1915. Toronto, C:

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Using Science and Humanities to Step Back in Time Fieldwork in Italy leads to virtual reality modeling on campus for a truly interactive experience