This illustrated guide to the Villaggio Alpino includes a preface authored by the President of the C.A.I. of Turin, Luigi Cibrario, who also served as the President for the Alpine Village and Alpine Exhibits at the Turin 1911 exposition. In addition to a general introduction devoted to the Village, other sections detail the participation of local (city and regional) Alpine Clubs. A central section is devoted to the explorations of Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of the Abruzzi. The final sections describe typical exhibits of alpine wares, tools, and equipment as well as displays of photos, sketches, and paintings devoted to the Alpine regions. The guide includes a map of the Alpine village complex.

Overall the guide combines the choreographed display of local folklore and traditions with the expansive ambitions of the age of nations and empires, as was typical of all World Fairs' narratives.

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