Resource: Biglietto d'Ingresso Esposizione 1911 | Admission Ticket to the Exposition of 1911 (Admission ticket)

Title: Admission Ticket to the Exposition of 1911 / Biglietto d'Ingresso Esposizione 1911
Publication info: F.lli Pozzo, Torino, 1911
Original Mode of Expressions: Lithograph
Physical description: The Admission Ticket to the Exposition of 1911 was printed on thin paper (similar to postage stamps). Measure: 5.5 x 10 cm.  The ticket was designed by sculptor and designer Giorgio Ceragioli.

The ticket features two allegorical figures (male and female) interacting with each other. The female figure's soft lines contrast the muscular design of the male figure. Set next to the House of Savoy's shield surmonted by the royal crown, the Female figure likely symbolizes Victory or Triumph, as she is captured in the act of offering a laurel branch to the male figure holding a hammer (Labor).  The Turin's coat of arms (with the traditional image of the bull, Taurus) occupies the bottom center of the image.

The cost of the ticket was listed as .50 cents, which corresponded to the price of a loaf of bread.
Descriptive note: Admission Ticket # 151086
Subjects: Administrative
Holding Repository: CDC Private Collection