Resource: Ricordo dell'Esposizione di Torino (Molfese & Sansoldo) (Postcard)

Title: Ricordo dell'Esposizione di Torino (Molfese & Sansoldo)
Publication info: Torino: Molfese & Sansoldo, 1911
Physical description: Good preservation state. Measures:11.5 x 16.5 cm.                      
Includes 25 black-and white-photographs of the Pavilions and fairgrounds. A map of the city of Turin is printed on the back of the cover pages of the booklet. A folding panorama of the fairgrounds (drawing) opens the collection.
Descriptive note: A collection of black-and-white photographs of various Pavilions including a black-and-white drawing of a panorama of the fairgrounds signed by S. Amato.
Subjects: Commercial matter, Contemporary culture
Holding Repository: CDC Private Collection