Resource: Palazzo della Moda (Guerzoni) | Pavilion of Fashion (Guerzoni) (Postcard)

Title: Pavilion of Fashion (Guerzoni) / Palazzo della Moda (Guerzoni)
Publication info: Milano: A. Scrocchi
Original Mode of Expressions: Watercolor
Physical description: Thick paper. Excellent condition. Measures: 14 x 9 cm.
Descriptive note: The verso reproduces a watercolor by painter Giovanni Guerzoni. The moon and electric street lamps light illuminate the Pavilion of Fashion as crowds of fairgoers move towards the brightly-lit pavilion.  Light pours out of the large windows and into the festive lanscape at night. The recto displays a postal stamp and is mailed to Naples with brief greetings in Italian.  This postcard was published by Attilio Scrocchi
Subjects: Fashion, Architectural structure
 Palace of Fashion
Holding Repository: CDC Private Collection