Resource: Panorama Generale ADT Brochure | General Panorama ADT Brochure (Document)

Title: General Panorama ADT Brochure / Panorama Generale ADT Brochure
Publication info: A.D.T.
Physical description: Booklet containing 10 connected folded postcards forming a panorama of the fairgrounds.
Descriptive note: This booklet is entitled L'esposizione Internazionale di Torino 1911: Panorama Generale. It is formed of ten connected postcards that fold together to form the booklet. The postcards can be expanded and laid out to see the long panorama of the fairgrounds. Numbers identify the main structures, pavilions, and geographical locations that are listed on the corresponding verso of the individual postcards.
Subjects: City, Architectural structure
Holding Repository: CDC Private Collection