Resource: Anniversario Cartolina | Jubilee Postcard (Postcard)

Title: Jubilee Postcard / Anniversario Cartolina
Publication info: Torino: Tip. L. Monetti
Original Mode of Expressions: Sepia Tone Photograph
Physical description: Excellent condition. Measures 9 X 14 cm.
Descriptive note: Recto: Allegorical image of Italy as Crowned Queen holding hands with Mazzini and Garibaldi on the right and Cavour and King Victor Emmanuel on the other.  The background combines inconic architectural pieces of Turin and Rome.  The caption reads: Torino (1861-1911) Roma (1870-1911) Esposizioni. 50 Anniversario Proclamazione regno d'Italia.  Verso: blank. Printed matter reads: Cartolina Postale. Tip L. Monetti. Via Genova 3 Torino.
Subjects: Contemporary culture
Holding Repository: CDC Private Collection