Resource: Cerimonia nello Stadium | Inauguration day at the Stadium (Photograph)

Title: Inauguration day at the Stadium / Cerimonia nello Stadium
Publication info: "Inaugurazione dell'Esposizione di Torino". Illustrazione Italiana: Milan: F.lli Treves, May 7, 1911
Original Mode of Expressions: Black & White Photo
Physical description: Jpeg image, 1.3 MB.
Descriptive note: Detail of the official ceremony during the inauguration day (April, 31 2011) at the Stadium. For the occasion, several and different entertainments were organized to enjoy the 80.000 visitors (La Stampa, May 1st, 1911). The picture shows a detail of the gymnastics performance executed by 6.000 children attending the local elementary schools.
Subjects: Sport
Holding Repository: Biblioteca Storica della Provincia di Torino