Ligeti, Miklós

Miklós Ligeti
Name: Ligeti, Miklós
Gender: Male
Birth: May 1, 1871 Budapest (Hungary)
Death: December 10, 1944 Budapest (Hungary)
Description: Ligeti initially studied under Alajos Stróbl in Budapest, and later in Paris, France and Vienna, Austria. His sculptures combined elements from impressionism and realism. His major works include: "Anonymus" (1903) in Budapest, the "Fountain of Peace", "Mrs. Dery", and the "Cavalry Artilleryman Memorial" (1937). Mrs. Dery and the Cavalry Memorial were heavily damaged in World War II and had to be removed. 

In 1911, he completed the 6 gigantic knights adorning the entrance to the Pavilion of Hungary for the Turin 1911 exposition.

Ligeti created a statue of Major General Harry Hill Bandholtz, US Army, honoring his service to Hungary after World War I. Installed in the US Embassy ibuilding n 1936, it was removed by the communist regime.  It now resides in Freedom Park, across from the US Embassy. He was the President of the Hungarian Society of Applied Arts, and produced works in ceramics too. Among his decorative works, one shpuld mentions those adorning the Hungarian Parliament and the Adria Palace.

Subjects: People
Places:  Budapest (Hungary)
Photographs: Miklós Ligeti_Ritratto | Miklós Ligeti_Portrait