Guerzoni, Giovanni

Name: Guerzoni, Giovanni
Gender: Male
Birth: 1876 Modena
Death: March 9, 1948 San Remo
Description: Born in 1976, Guerzoni emigrated to Argentina in 1889 and retrurned to Italy in 1893.  He studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Bologna for three years (1894 - 1897) under the mentorship of Giovanni Bedini. From 1897 to 1920 he owned a studio in Milan. Guerzoni became quite popular as portrait and landscape painter (mostly oils, pastels, and Art Nouveau guaches). Many of his pieces, mostly views of Italian cities and portraits of young women and children) were massively reproduced on postcards and advertisement pieces.

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Places:  Modena
 San Remo