Le Wacher, Roland

Name: Le Wacher, Roland
Gender: Male
Birth: Uncertain
Death: Uncertain
Description: According to the "Giornale Ufficiale Illustrato", the architect Roland Le Wacher started his career in Rome, where he designed the big station of "Carabinieri" at Prati di Castello. Successively, he moved to Argentina, where he has been living and working for years: here, he covered important roles in public administration, and served as Minister of Public Works. In addition, Le Wacher gained a great success as architect in building several private and public buildings in Buenos Aires: for instance, he designed the New Italian Bank building in Vittoria square, the building of the School of Law and the "Pavilion of the Lakes". Finally, he was involved in many Universal Expositions; among these, he obtained the honor mention for the Exposition of Architecture in 1898 and designed the Pavilion of Argentina in Turin 1911.
Structures:  Pavilion of the Republic of Argentina
Prints: Palazzo (Il) della Repubblica Argentina all'Esposizione di Torino 1911 | Palace (The) of the Republic of Argentina at the Exposition of Turin 1911