Castellini, Gualtiero

Name: Castellini, Gualtiero
Gender: Male
Birth: 1890 Milano
Death: 1918 France
Description: Gualtiero Castellini was a journalist, a writer and an Italian politician. He grew up in the legend of his grandfather, a Garibaldino sergeant: his story and personal life probably influenced Castellini's works and political opinions (in 1909 he published “Pagine Garibaldine (1848-1866)”). The author joined the Nationalistic party since its foundation (Firenze, 1910) where he played an influential role and was confirmed member of the General Committee during Rome meeting 1912 and Milan meeting 1914. Furthermore, as foreign correspondent of national newspapers he followed both the wars in Libya and Balkans’, and in 1914 he was in favor of interventionism. During these years abroad he wrote "Tunisi e Tripoli" (1911) and the diary "Tre anni di guerra" (post., 1919). Finally, he joined the Army, and gained several medals and military recognitions; in particular, he distinguished himself during the battle of Caporetto. He died few years later during a battle in France.
Places: France