Györgyi, Dénes

Dénes Györgyi
Name: Györgyi, Dénes
Gender: Male
Birth: April 25, 1886 Budapest (Hungary)
Death: November 25, 1962 Balatonalmádi (Hungary)
Description: Dénes Györgyi studied architecture at the Budapest Joseph Technical University, where he met fellow architect Kàroli Kós. With Kós, he founded the “Young Ones,” a group of young architects including Béla Jánszky and Dezső Zrumeczky. Inspired by the New Gothic language of Morris and Ruskin and by Scandinavian National Romanticism, the group explicitly evoked Hungarian Medieval traditions and folk spirit in their works. In 1910, Györgyi collaborated with Kós in the construction of the Városmajor Street Elementary School in Budapest, which included a daycare center, a school, and a pre-school. After Turin 1911, Györgyi participated in several other international expositions and created pavilions for the international exhibition in Barcelona (1929), the Brussels International Exposition (1935), and Paris’ Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (1937).
Structures:  Pavilion of Hungary
Places:  Balatonalmádi (Hungary)
 Budapest (Hungary)
Photographs: Dénes Györgyi ritratto | Dénes Györgyi portrait