Cattaneo, Riccardo

Riccardo Cattaneo
Name: Cattaneo, Riccardo
Gender: Male
Birth: January 21, 1854 Trecate (Novara)
Death: September 2, 1931 Torino
Description: Riccardo Cattaneo received a degree in jurisprudence from the University of Turin. He pursued a career in academia, and starting in 1879, he taught civil law at the University of Turin. In 1901, he became professor of jurisprudence at the Scuola di Applicazione per Ingegneri (today’s Politecnico). Cattaneo also held a number of administrative posts in Turin, including serving as town councilor during the administrations of Secondo Frola and Teofilo Rossi. Elected democratically in 1920, he was the last liberal mayor of Turin before the advent of Fascism. He was granted the title of Senator of the Kingdom of Italy in 1924. In his role as senator, he was part of the prestigious committee that reformed the Italian civil code.
Places:  Torino
Trecate (Novara)
Photographs: Riccardo Cattaneo_ritratto | Riccardo Cattaneo_portrait
Cattaneo, Riccardo_ritratto | Cattaneo, Riccardo_portrait