Biscarra, Cesare

Name: Biscarra, Cesare
Gender: Male
Birth: November 9, 1866
Death: March 12, 1943
Description: Cesare Biscarra studied art and sculpture at the "Accademia Albertina". He specialized in bronze sculptures, and in 1891 created a bronze bust of King Victor Emmanuel II. He participated in national and international Art Exhibitions (Turin 1894, 1896; Venice 1905, 1907, 1910). In particular, on the occasion of Turin 1911 he was asked to work on the Pavilion of Festivals and Concerts; there, with the collaboration of the sculptor Guido Bianconi, he designed the massive quadrigas gracing the main facade.

See also: A. M. Comanducci. Dizionario illustrato dei pittori, disegnatori e incisori italiani moderni e contemporanei. Third edition. Eds: Luigi Pelandi and Luigi Servolini. Milan: Leonilde Patuzzi, 1962. 203-204.
Structures:  Pavilion of Festivals and Concerts