Monti, Michelangelo

Michelangelo Monti
Name: Monti, Michelangelo
Gender: Male
Birth: December 14, 1875 Milano
Death: June 15 1946 Torino
Description: Michelangelo Monti studied at the Regia Accademia di Brera, Milan. After moving to Turin in 1896, he continued his training at the Accademia Albertina (1896-99).  He worked as a sculptor and painter, specializing in portraits and full-figure paintings typically commissioned by Turin’s high middle class families. In 1908 he took part in the competition for the statues for Ponte Umberto I.  He created a group of statues for the Pavilion of Festivals and Concerts allegorizing Music for the 1911 Exposition of Turin.  His most famous sculpture is the “Toro rampante” for the Toro Insurance Company.

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Alfonso Panzetta, Michelangelo Monti (1875-1946). Torino: Umberto Allemandi & C. 1995.
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