Alloati, Giovanni Battista

Giovanni Battista Alloati
Name: Alloati, Giovanni Battista
Gender: Male
Birth: August 25, 1878 Torino
Death: November 11, 1964 Torino
Description: Giovanni Battista Alloati was a prominent Neoclassical sculptor in Turin during the first half of the 20th century. Between 1893-1903, he attended the Royal Albertine Academy of Fine Arts and completed his apprenticeship with contemporary sculptors such as Sartorio, Davide Calandra, Pietro Canonica, Leonardo Bistolfi (he also worked in August Rodin's atelier in Paris, for a short time). During his career, he worked primary in Piedmont, where he had several public and official recognitions, as well as private commissions (i.e. bust of Giolitti, and Monument to Torre Family); he also won several awards (i.e. Turin 1902 - Concorso Nazionale di Arte Decorativa and Cuneo 1905 - Concorso per la Grande Fontana Monumentale) and he participated in many World's Fairs. In the occasion of Turin 1911, he was asked to work on the Monumental Bridge, for which he realized the huge caryatids.
Structures:  Monumental Bridge
Places:  Torino
Paintings: Giovanni Battista Alloati autoritratto | Giovanni Battista Alloati self-portrait
Photographs: Giovanni Battista Alloati-foto ritratto | Giovanni Battista all'oasi-photo portrait