Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine

Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine_portrait
Name: Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine
Gender: Male
Birth: February 19, 1840 Saint-Jean-de-Bournay (Isère, France)
Death: November 5, 1920 Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines, France)
Description: Joseph-Antoine Bouvard was a French architect. He trained with Hugues Quenin in Vienna, Austria, and in 1864 he enrolled in the École nationale supérieure de beaux arts in Paris, where he studied under Simon-Claude Constant-Dufeux. Among his realized projects are the Caserme de la Garde républicaine (1882-1883) and the Bourse du Travail in Paris (1892), and the railway stations of Saint-Étienne-Châteaucreux (1882-1884) and Marseilles-Saint-Charles (1893-1896). He was involved in many International Expositions: he designed the Pavilion of the City of Paris for the Exposition of 1878, and the central dome of Galerie des machines at the Exposition of 1899 in Paris. He had a leading role in the organization of the 1900 Paris Exposition, and designed the beautiful neoclassical Pavilion of the city of Paris for the Exposition of 1911 in Turin.
Structures:  Pavilion of the City of Paris
Places:  Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines, France)
 Saint-Jean-de-Bournay (Isère, France)
Photographs: Bouvard, Joseph Antoine_ritratto | Bouvard, Joseph Antoine _portrait
Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine_1900_ritratto | Bouvard, Joseph-Antoine_1900_portrait