Fenoglio, Pietro

Fenoglio, Pietro_Portrait
Name: Fenoglio, Pietro
Gender: Male
Birth: May 3, 1865
Death: August 22, 1927 Corio (Torino)
Description: Pietro Fenoglio was an Italian engineer and architect. He obtained a degree in Engineering from the Regia Scuola di Applicazioni per Ingegneri di Torino (today’s Politecnico) in 1889. Soon after his graduation, he launched an architectural firm that quickly became quite successful. At the beginning of his career, Fenoglio’s designs displayed Neo-Gothic influences. After the International Exposition of Turin in 1902 (Esposizione internazionale di arte decorative moderna, of which he was one of the main promoters), he became one of the leading interpreters of the Art Nouveau style in Italy (known as Liberty or stile floreale). During his most prolific period, he designed more than 300 buildings, among which are large industrial structures such as the Fabbrica Ansaldi (1899) and the Conceria Fiorio (1900), and private residences such as the Villino Raby (1901), Villa Scott (1902), Casa Rossi-Galateri (1903); and Casa Boffa e Costa (1904). Inspired by the designs of Victor Horta and Henry Clemens Van de Velde, Fenoglio developed a unique style combining flower design with geometric forms. His masterpiece is considered to be Casa Fenoglio, also known as La Fleur (1902). Fenoglio held a number of political posts, such as city counselor of Turin, and played an advisory role in the urban planning initiative for the city of Turin that was completed in 1908. He founded and contributed essays to L'architettura italiana moderna, one of the most prestigious publications in the field of architecture of the early twentieth century. Recognized as one of the most prominent members of Turin’s entrepreneurial elites, Fenoglio was named Amministratore delegato (CEO) and then Vice President of the Banca commerciale italiana.

He served as the coordinator for the Technical Committee of Turin 1911 with Stefano Molli and Giacomo Salvadori di Wiesenhof.  Among the Pavilions he designed is the exquisite Padiglione Fratelli Branca
Places: Corio (Torino)
Postcards: Padiglione dei Fratelli Branca
Photographs: Fenoglio, Pietro_Ritratto | Fenoglio, Pietro_Portrait