Guerekian, Leon

Name: Guerekian, Leon
Gender: Male
Birth: 1871
Death: 1950
Description: Born in Costantinopoli, Leon Gurekian studied at Padri Mechitaristi Institute (Trebisonda ), and at Collegio Armeno in Venezia; he gained his degree in Architecture at Real Academy of Rome in 1895, when he also became Professor of Architectural drawing. In his early career, he designed and completed several works in Bulgaria, Costantinopoli and Prinkipo islands. In 1911, he designed the Ottoman Pavilion at the Exposition of Turin, and he is also nominated as representative of Ottoman Empire at the International Congress of Architects in Rome, but, because of the war Italy-Turkey in the same period, he decided to participate in the congress without any official duty.
Structures:  Pavilion of Turkey