Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare

Cesare Ferrero di Cambiano
Name: Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare
Gender: Male
Birth: January 11, 1852 Torino
Death: January 31, 1931 Roma
Description: Born in the aristocratic Ferrero di Cavallerleone family, but adopted by Marchioness Adele Ripa Brunone Turinetti di Cambiano in 1874, Cesare subsequently obtained the title of Marquis and took his adopted mother’s last name. In 1869, he graduated with a degree in jurisprudence. He later obtained a degree in letters and philosophy. While fostering his passion for history, letters and science by contributing to the journal Rivista, he pursued a career in finance and politics. A liberal conservative, he was close to Sidney Sonnino, the 19th prime minister of Italy. As a politician, he held numerous posts, including city councilor and mayor of the city of Moncalieri. He served as undersecretary of the Treasury in the second Pelloux government (1899-1900) and undersecretary of Public Works in the Sonnino government (February 8 - May 29, 1906); he also became an Italian senator in 1914, and in 1924 he was appointed Minister of State. As financier, he promoted the development of the national savings banks and he was vice-president (1895-1906) and later president of the Cassa di risparmio di Torino (1906-1919). In 1911 he became president of the Associazione delle casse di risparmio italiane and in 1913 of the Istituto nazionale di credito per la cooperazione (which would later become the Banca nazionale del lavoro). A passionate interventionist, he advocated in favor of Italy’s involvement in World War I, and later gave his support to the Fascist party. A historian of the Italian Risorgimento, he founded the Turin branch of the Società nazionale per la storia del Risorgimento (1907) and was among the creators of the journal Il Risorgimento italiano.
Subjects: Administrative
Places:  Roma
Photographs: Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare_ritratto | Ferrero di Cambiano, Cesare_portrait
Cesare Ferrero di Cambiano_ritratto | Cesare Ferrero di Cambiano_portrait