Villa, Tommaso

Tommaso Villa
Name: Villa, Tommaso
Gender: Male
Birth: January 29, 1832 Canale d'Alba (Torino)
Death: July 24, 1915 Torino
Description: Tommaso Villa received a degree in jurisprudence from the University of Turin in 1853. Throughout his life, he combined the legal profession with a successful career in politics, starting with his election to the Chamber of Deputies in 1865. He served as a member of the Legislative Assembly and was Minister of the Interior in Benedetto Cairoli’s government (1879). He also served as Minister of Justice (1879-81) and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies (1886-95). From 1895 to 1897, he was President of the Montecitorio Assembly, and President of the Chamber of Deputies from 1900 to 1902. He became a Senator of the Kingdom of Italy in 1909. He organized several expositions in Turin, and, because of his extensive experience, was asked to serve as President of the exposition of Turin 1911.
Places:  Canale d'Alba (Torino)
Photographs: Villa, Tommaso_ritratto | Villa, Tommaso_portrait
Tommaso Villa_ritratto | Tommaso Villa_portrait
Tommaso Villa-ritratto Lovazzano | Tommaso Villa-portrait by Lovazzano
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