Rignon, Felice

Felice Rignon
Name: Rignon, Felice
Gender: Male
Birth: February 25, 1829 Torino
Death: June 17, 1914 Torino
Description: Count Felice Enrico Vittorio Gaspare Rignon was one of the four Vice Presidents of the Comitato Generale (General Committee) for the organization of the International Exposition in Turin 1911. He studied at the Military Academy of Turin, and fought in the first Italian War of Independence (1848-1849). He served as mayor of Turin from November 20, 1870 to December 31, 1877, and also, for shorter periods, between 1895 and 1898. In 1863, he was among the founders of the Club Alpino Italiano. He served as President of the Circolo degli Artisti di Torino and was among the organizers of the Italian Exposition of 1898. Like count Balbo Bertone, he was the heir of a large landed estate.
Places:  Torino
Paintings: Felice Rignon_ritratto | Felice Rignon_portrait
Photographs: Felice Rignon_ritratto | Felice Rignon_portrait