Kós, Károly

Károly Kós
Name: Kós, Károly
Gender: Male
Birth: 1883
Death: 1977
Description: Though Károly Kós (1883-1977) did not take part in the construction of the Hungarian Pavilion, is a key figure for understanding the Hungarian Nationalism. During his career, he founded with Dénes Györgyi a new architect team called Fiatalok (The Young ones) in 1907. The Young Ones encompassed different elements in their projects: taking inspiration from the New Gothic language of Morris and Ruskin, they explicitly related to the Hungarian Medieval traditions and folk spirit. In addition, Kós was one of the first architects to theorize a Hungarian national style, which found its roots in the Transylvanian Medieval castles as well as in the simple rural dwellings, with their simple lines and material weight. This design was not just a matter of ornamentation, but was characterized by geometric shape and function. Kós followed Lechner’s style but also detached himself from it by abolishing the decoration of the surfaces in favor of what he termed the real essence of National Romanticism: massive and dynamic forms, smooth surfaces with large windows and asymmetrical structures.
Subjects: Contemporary culture
Structures:  Pavilion of Hungary
Photographs: Kós, Károly_ritratto | Kós, Károly_portrait