Frola, Secondo

Secondo Frola
Name: Frola, Secondo
Gender: Male
Birth: November 27, 1850 Montanaro (Torino)
Death: March 4, 1929 Torino
Description: Secondo Frola followed the family's professional path and earned a degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Turin at the age of 21. Specializing in economic and social issues, Frola became a close ally of the center-left group of Agostino Depretis, and served in important administrative and political posts. He became Minister of the Postal and Telegraphic Services in 1898. He was one of the longest-serving mayors of Turin (1903 – 1909). Under his leadership, Turin underwent numerous projects of urban renewal and development. A fervent promoter of technological advancement, he served as the President of the Royal Italian Industrial Museum (1897-1902) and as president of the Comitato Generale (General Committee) for the organization of the International Exposition of Turin 1911. On June 14, 1900 he was named Senator of the Italian Kingdom, and on October 3, 1911 he was bestowed the title of Count.

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Places:  Montanaro (Torino)
Photographs: Secondo Frola_ritratto | Secondo Frola_portrait
Secondo Frola_ritratto | Secondo Frola_portrait