Edmondo Chiappuis

Chiappuis, trademark logo
Name: Edmondo Chiappuis
Gender: Male
Birth: 1874
Death: 1912

Edmondo Chappuis moved as a young man from France to Bologna, Italym and at the age of 22 opened a lithography business in Bologna, Italy, in Via Cartolerie 13 in 1897. Concentrating on this nre technology to create color prints in large and very large dimensions, Chiappuis was a visionary entrepreneur whose rapid success was such that his small firm entered in direct competition with the Milanese Ricordi. 

Chiappuis hired a number of young artists who specialized in creating stunning posters and commercial advertisements in the Art Nouveau Style.  Chiappuis employed leading artists and illustrators such as  Marcello Dudovich, Galileo Chini, Adolfo Hohenstein, Giovanni Maria Mataloni, Adolfo De Carolis, Plinio Nomellini, Aleardo Terzi, and Duilio Cambellotti. 

Edmondo Chappuis committed suicide at the age of 38, in 1912.  

Subjects: Commercial matter Contemporary culture
Prints: Edmondo Chappuis emblema di fabbrica | Edmondo Chappuis Trademark logo