Architectural Structure: Pavilion of England

The Palace of England
Name: Pavilion of England
Description: The Pavilion of England was located in front of the Monumental Fountain, on the right side of the river Po. As described in the CTI guide, the building was elevated in the middle part; it featured two floors, framed by a pediment on which the English coat of arms was displayed. The central pattern was bordered and framed by two spires, surmounted by the Royal Crown. To the right and left of the main body of the building, extended a portico supported by double columns, and covered by a balconyl.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: 20,000 square meters
Style: Turinese Baroque (revival) and Liberty
Places:  England
Prints: Palazzo dell'Inghilterra all'Esposizione di Torino 1911 | The Palace of England at the Exposition of Turin 1911
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