Architectural Structure: Pavilion of Russia

Padiglione della Russia
Name: Pavilion of Russia
Alternative Names: Padiglione della Russia
Description: The exhibition of Russia (traditional and national products) has been inaugurated during the May 1911 by the Grand Duke Boris and his mother Grand Dukesse Marija Pavlovna within an orthodox religious ceremony. Despite of the former choices of Russia, this Pavilion follows the Neoclassical style, and it has been built by the Russian architect Vladimir Alekseevič Ščuko. The Pavilion has 12 exposition rooms, where Russia can display it own traditional and industrial products, an enormous collection of statues and bronzes, and also some furniture from the Royal Palace of Petersburg.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: Uncertain
Style: Neoclassical revival
Places:  Russia
People:  Shchuko, Vladimir Alekseevič
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