Court of Honor and access to the Castle of the Waters

Object/Work Type
Recreation Structures, Transportation Structures

Title Text
Court of Honor and access to the Castle of the Waters

Alternate Title Text
Piazzale d'onore delle Nazioni ed ascesa al Castello d'acqua

Creator Description
Stefano Molli

Creator Identity and Role
Molli, Stefano as Architects and Engineers

Creation Date

Demolition Date

Styles/Periods Description
Neoclassical (revival)

Dimension Description
40 meters high

Descriptive Note Text
An imposing series of steps, which start from the grand square of the Bridge, lead us to three magnificent overpasses. Two of these overpasses are side by side, and covered by colonnaded porticoes, and one is uncovered. Crossing Moncalieri road, we arrive directly to a new set of stairs. The imaginative construction is faced by two towers, 80 meters tall. In its centre, there is an impressive statue, placed in a big niche, and symbolizing the homeland, executed as a real-scale model by Contratti.Sideways from this statue, above and below, other statues surround the three main fountains, from which the water flows down with an impressive cascade, almost as wide as the front of the Castle, namely 40 meters.

Code in the 1911 Map
SIM 30

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