Guida Rimborsabile Tricolore di Torino e dell'Esposizione del 1911

As suggested by its name, the Guida Tricolore is divided into three sections. The "green" section provides a descriptive itinerary through commercial and artistic Turin. The "white" section consists of a guide to the Exposition. The "red" section includes practical information on public transportation, and museum fees and schedules. It also offers discount coupons for restaurants, theatres, museums, and various events. The guide is bilingual: Italian and French.

The physical appearence of the guide is also meaningful. The Italian narrative is placed in the top half of the page, the French translation in the bottom half, and, along the margins of each page are advertisements and pictures. The pictures include sites and monuments described in the narrative. The advertisements create a parallel visual narrative devoted to industrial production and the display of commercial goods, and convey a sense of productivity and material progress.

Interpretive Essay

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