The Music of the Exposition

Numberless musical pieces were performed at the many events of the Exposition. The Padiglione delle Festewith its spectacular concert hall in particular was home to many musical performances. While no official recordings have survived, the musical scores for some of the pieces were published.

The concert hall, built to resemble an olympic theater, featured a sumptuous "palco reale" (royal box) and held up to 9,000 people. Concerts by the Fair's symphonic orchestra were scheduled daily. The symphonic orchestra was composed of 146 professionals, and many international conductors were invited to lead the orchestra, under the coordination and supervision of Professor Vittorio Guy. These conductors and composers included: Willem Mengelberg, Fritz Steinbach, Vasily Sasonoff, Robert Kajanus, Edward Elgar, Gustav Mahler, Vincent D'Indy, Claude Debussy, Gabriel Pierne', Arturro Toscanini, Luigi Mancinelli, and Tullio Serafin.