Descriptive Catalogue of the Pavilion of Siam

One of the most extensive sources of information about the Pavilion of Siam and its exhibits is the Descriptive Catalogue of the Siamese Section. Entitled Siam and its Productions, Arts, and Manufactures, the catalogue was compiled by Colonel Gerolamo Emilio Gerini, the Commissioner General of H. M. the King of Siam to the 1911 Turin Exhibition. Besides Gerini, the Executive Committee for the Siamese exhibit in Turin was composed of Annibale Rigotti (Technical Director for the building of the Pavilion), and G. Vigna del Ferro (Secretary).

Originally written in Italian (with the exception of the contribution by specialist writers), the Descriptive Catalogue was revised, enlarged, and translated into English in 1912. The White Lotus Press reprinted in 2000, with a foreword by Luciano G. Gerini.

The Descriptive Catalogue includes a general introduction devoted the the historical analysis of the relationship between Italy and Siam, the participation of Siam to previous International Exhibitions, and a general overview of Siam in Turin 1911. The bulk of the catalogue consists of a detailed presentation of all the exhibits, divided into 23 groups, with a number of photographs and illustrations (see Table of Contents).