Torino 1911: Esposizione Internazionale delle Industrie e del Lavoro (S.T.E.N.) 

Published by the Officine Grafiche S.T.E.N. this pocket guide followed the conventional pattern of contemporary exposition guides.  It opens with a brief description of the "antica capitale" -- the city of Turin -- and proceeds to dispel the perception that Turin had been relegated to peripheral status, both geographically and politically, after Rome had become Italy's capital city.  The guide defines Turin as "la porta dell'Italia" (the door to Italy), and highlights its strategic placement on the itinerary of the "valigia delle Indie," (the Imperial Indian Mail) and in direct contact with Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Australia. The guide provides information about how to travel to Turin.

The centerpiece of the guide consists in the description of the fairgrounds and the main pavilions. The guide then offers a broader itinerary to visit the city of Turin and neighboring attractions such as Superga, Stupinigi, Moncalieri, Rivoli, Racconigi and Chieri.

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