Resource: Album dell'Illustrazione Popolare | Album of Popolar Illustration (Magazine)

Title: Album of Popolar Illustration / Album dell'Illustrazione Popolare
Publication info: Uncertain: Uncertain, May 18 - 24 1911
Original Mode of Expressions: Text
Physical description: Small issue, 4 illustrated leaves in black and white, measured 15 x 22.5 cm. Thin and yellowed paper.
Descriptive note: Cover of the "Album". Two black and white illustrations on the cover of the "Album": in the top center, an image of the Pyramid of Mayo in Buenos Aires; in the bottom center an image showing many children bringing flowers to Mazzini's Statue (still in Buenos Aires). Second page of the "Album", showing a black and white picture regarding the Pavilion of Argentina at the Exposition of 1911. The photo has been taken probably between 1910-1911, before the beginning of the Fair, since it is shown some working in progress in the exterior of the building. Sixth page of the Album of Popular Illustration, showing the Alpine Village, organized by the Touring club. The picture has been taken from low perspective since it is visible all the complex of the Village.
Subjects: General Culture
 Alpine Village of the Italian Alpine Club
 Pavilion of the Republic of Argentina
Holding Repository: CDC Private Collection