Marsengo-Bastia, Ignazio

Ignazio Marsengo-Bastia
Name: Marsengo-Bastia, Ignazio
Gender: Male
Birth: October 3, 1851 Saluzzo (Cuneo)
Death: July 9, 1910 Torino
Description: Ignazio Marsengo-Bastia received a degree in jurisprudence and worked as a magistrate and politician. He was Minister of Post and Telegraph from December 24, 1905 to February 8, 1906 during the Fortis government. A follower of Giovanni Giolitti, he was elected to the Italian parliament five times and was Subsecretary of the Interior under the Pelloux government from June 29, 1898 to May 14, 1899.
Places: Saluzzo (Cuneo)
Photographs: Marsengo-Bastia, Ignazio_Ritratto | Marsengo-Bastia, Ignazio_Portrait