Sassi, Francesco

Name: Sassi, Francesco
Gender: Male
Birth: 1870 Vercelli
Death: 1943 Castagneto del Po
Description: Very few information on this artist are currently available. Francesco Sassi was a Neoclassical sculptor from Vercelli, who intensively worked in Turin at the turning of the 20th century. Still young (1880, 1890 and 1891), he was invited to show some of his bronze sculptures at Palazzina Promotrice delle Belle Arti, in which occasion he gained the respect and admiration of the critics. The bronze Monument to Giovean Felice (one of the founder of the newspaper "La Stampa") in Turin is one of his best works. In 1911, he was invited to work on the Monumental Bridge with the other scuptors Alloati and Del Santo, and he specifically realized the elegant statues of Nike with outstretched wings.
Structures:  Monumental Bridge
Places:  Castagneto del Po