Badini-Confalonieri, Alfonso

Name: Badini-Confalonieri, Alfonso
Gender: Male
Birth: December 19, 1843 Caselle Torinese (Torino)
Death: April 26, 1920 Torino
Description: Alfonso Badini-Confalonieri was one of the four Vice Presidents of the Comitato Generale (General Committee) for the organization of the International Exposition of Turin 1911. He held a degree in jurisprudence from the University of Turin and served as mayor of Turin from September 26, 1902 to June 23, 1903. He was elected senator of the Kingdom of Italy in 1901.
Places:  Caselle Torinese (Torino)
Photographs: Alfonso Badini-Confalonieri_ritratto | Alfonso Badini-Confalonieri_portrait
Badini-Confalonieri_ritratto | Badini-Confalonieri_portrait