Architectural Structure: Road Exhibit (part of Pilonetto Complex 2)

Name: Road Exhibit (part of Pilonetto Complex 2)
Description: Special mention needs to be made for the International Road Exhibit, promoted and organized by the Italian Touring Club. This exhibit is of great importance for the latest developments of road transportation. Here, all the most varied materials used to pave roads are displayed: stones, wood, asphalt, etc., both as sample materials and actual displays of paving techniques. Then there is all the complex road machinery: machines for the preparation of the materials such as pneumatic hammers, air compressors, crushers, et cetera. There are machines for the construction and upkeep of roads: steam compressors, mechanic pickaxes, tar-spraying machines, machines to remove mud, sprinklers, cleaners, et cetera. Finally, there is all that relates to road use and traffic, road cartography and road aesthetics. One of the most interesting sections of the Exhibit is the display of materials that participate in the competition devoted to road machinery and sponsored by the Province of Turin and of that of roadbeds materials sponsored by the Italian Touring Club.
Construction: 1910-1911