Architectural Structure: Pavilion of the Royal Monopolies (Tobacco)

Padiglione delle Manifatture Tabacchi (V.A.T.)
Name: Pavilion of the Royal Monopolies (Tobacco)
Alternative Names: Padiglione delle Regie Privative
Description: The Pavilion of the Royal Monopolies is composed of a spacious vestibule in a circular layout (surmounted by a slender and elegant cupola) from which one enters to the left the rooms dedicated to the Exhibition of Salts and Quinine and to the right the big hall of machines in action for the manufacture of tobacco. In front of the pavilion is a small experimental field for the cultivation of tobacco. In the room of the Exhibition of Salts is a big demonstrative model a salt mill in action, which serves to illustrate the process of salt extraction from seawater.
Construction: 1910-1911
Size: 800 square meters
Style: Turinese Baroque (revival)
People:  Bongi, Orsino