Architectural Structure: Valentino Castle

Valentino's Castle
Name: Valentino Castle
Alternative Names: Castello del Valentino
Description: The castle is currently hosting the Architecture Department of the Polytechnic Institute of Turin and in 1997 was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The building derives from various construction phases, which began in the mid-1500s. After a complex series of changes of owners, it was given by Duke Carlo Emanuele I to his daughter-in-law, young Cristina di Francia - who, in 1621, commissioned radical structural changes to the riverside residence, in conformity with the French "pavillon-système" (a project by Carlo di Castellamonte, from 1621 to1641). This resulted in the reconstruction of the towers on the river side, the wings, and the roofs according to the "French style". The interior features a monumental staircase and ample salons decorated with baroque stuccos and frescoes of the Flemish school.
Construction: 1621-1640 (revival)
Size: -----------
Style: 17th century French Style
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